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Deutz-Fahr Warrior Series - Agrotron 8TTV

Deutz-Fahr Warrior Series - Agrotron 8TTV

Enriching the Line-up - 8280 TTV WARRIOR


Deutz-Fahr has launched the NEW Agrotron 8280 TTV Warrior, designed to meet the needs of contractors and arable farmers. This model completes the range of high horsepower tractors built at the company’s state of the art facility in Lauingen, Germany. Due to its characteristics and a wide offering of specifications, the 8280 TTV can be customised for all applications.


The advantages of a powerful standard tractor with the tech, functions and comfort of high horsepower tractors makes the new model unique in its segment.


These characteristics and specifications make it possible to adapt the 8280 TTV Warrior precisely to the customer’s requirements, from open field to transport, grassland operations to all heavy field or industry requirements.


This remarkably refined tractor offers the perfect combination of power and versatility, matched with new levels of comfort, DEUTZ-FAHR reliability and the latest precision farming technologies.


  • 3 Year / 2,500 Hour Warranty
  • 3 Year / 2,500 Hour Capped Price Service Solution
  • Trimble Powered Hydraulic Steer GPS
  • 60km Road Speed
  • Front Dry Disc Brakes
  • MaxiVision II Deluxe Cabin

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